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  • Bananian needs contributions from everyone of all skills and levels of expertise.
  • The smallest of contributions is still more than none.
  • Help us to make Bananian the best Linux distribution for Banana Pi.

How to contribute

Report bugs and write feature requests

Please report all bugs and problems to our public bugtracker. Only if we know what is going wrong we can fix things!

If you have a great idea on how to improve Bananian you are highly encouraged to submit a feature request. Maybe your idea will find a way in the next release.


Become a tester

We need more volunteers to test new features and releases before they will be published. If you have a Banana Pi and some time to try things out, get in touch with us!

Warning: Testing may break your Bananian installation.

Contact us: Contact/Legal Disclosure

Become a developer

We know well about Debian system configuration and administration, but we are no programmers. Your expertise in improving our code is highly welcome!

GitHub repository:

Please check our donations page. Thank you!

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