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Q: Why Bananian Linux?
A: No bloatware, minimal Debian 8 installation, clean and simple.

Q: Is Bananian already stable?
A: Yes, it is! No green and unripe banana ;-)

Q: I like Bananian. How can I support you?
A: Give feedback, report bugs and/or donate some money. For details check our donations and contributions pages. Thank you!

Q: What about security updates?
A: Bananian uses the official Debian armhf repositories. You will receive all Debian fixes, so no problem!

Q: And kernel updates?
A: Use 'bananian-update' to get the lastest kernel and distribution updates.

Q: Where can I find the Linux kernel headers?
A: Starting with Bananian 15.04 the kernel headers are available in our repository.
Use 'apt-get install linux-headers-$(uname -r)' to get them.

Q: How can I use hostapd with the BPi-R1?
A: Starting with Bananian 15.04 we provide a hostapd package in our repository. Use 'apt-get install hostapd-rtl' to install it.

Q: How can I use hostapd with the Banana Pro?
A: Starting with Bananian 15.04 we provide a hostapd package in our repository. Use 'apt-get install hostapd-ap6210' to install it.

Q: I flashed Bananian to SD card (or upgraded from release 14.08) but it is not booting
A: Make sure you use the 'DC in' port for power supply in combination with a reliable 2 A power adapter!

Q: What is the default IP Bananian uses?
A: DHCP is the default. So ask your DHCP server or scan your subnet.

Q: I can ping my Banana Pi but cannot connect with SSH
A: Make sure your SSH client is not too old. (PuTTY >= 0.63)

Q: Do all Bananian installations use the same SSH host keys?
A: No! SSH host keys are generated on first boot from SD card.

Q: Can I use Raspbian binaries and/or .deb packages?
A: Yes, (most) Raspbian binaries will work on Bananian Linux.

Q: Will Bananian boot on Raspberry Pi?
A: No. Neither kernel, nor bootmanager or anything else is compatible with the Raspberry hardware platform.

Q: Why is there no wlan0 interface on Banana Pro or Banana Pi M1+?
A: Depending on your kernel:
Kernel 3.4.x: Select the Banana Pro in 'bananian-hardware', add 'ap6210' to /etc/modules and reboot.
Kernel 4.x: Run 'aptitude install u-boot-pro-bananian' and reboot.

Q: The BPI-R1 does not behave like a router. Why?
A: You have to configure VLAN and routing. Remember, Bananian is a minimal installation and configuration is up to you.
See /etc/network/if-pre-up.d/swconfig for a basic switch/VLAN configuration.

Q: How can I use a mainline Linux Kernel (4.x)?
A: Since Bananian 15.08 we have at least one mainline Kernel in the Repository.
On Bananaian 16.04 just install the kernel metapackage “linux-image-4.4-bananian” to get the latest 4.4.x kernel.
On older releases use aptitude search 'linux-image-(.*)-bananian' to show them, 'aptitude install' to install a mainline kernel.
Warning: Do not install a mainline kernel unless you have a very good reason! Your system might be broken afterwards.

Q: Why zsh as the default shell?
A: Because zsh rocks! Just give it a try. Still want bash as the default? Type: 'chsh -s /bin/bash'

Q: How can I use a graphical desktop environment?
A: Bananian is a lightweight image without any graphical desktop environment preinstalled. The Debian wiki helps you to choose and to install a desktop environment:

Q: I don't need swap, how can I disable it?
A: Just type 'swapoff /swapfile1', remove the line beginning with '/swapfile1 swap…' from /etc/fstab and delete /swapfile1

Q: Why is 'sudo' not installed by default?
A: The only precreated user is 'root'. There is no need for sudo at all.

Q: Can the green blinking LED be disabled?
A: Yes, check your kernel version and then execute:
Kernel 3.4.x: 'echo none > /sys/class/leds/green\:ph24\:led1/trigger'
Kernel 4.x: 'echo none > /sys/class/leds/bananapi:green:usr/trigger'
Add this command to /etc/rc.local to make it permanent.

Q: What is the relationship between Bananian and LeMaker?
A: Bananian and LeMaker have entered into a partnership to provide the best OS for Banana Pi. But it is and will stay an independent project.

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