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Upgrading Bananian 14.08 to 14.09

Existing Bananian Linux 14.08 installations can easily be upgraded to 14.09 without losing any data or settings.

To upgrade your installation you need to install bananian-update first and then run it.
This is only required on Bananian 14.08. All later versions already have bananian-update preinstalled.

Upgrade instructions

Make sure you run all commands as root!
Attention: SATA installations are not supported by bananian-update!

1. Download:

wget -O /usr/local/bin/bananian-update

2. Make it executable (only for root):

chmod 700 /usr/local/bin/bananian-update

3. Run 'bananian-update':


'bananian-update' will now install curl (which is required for the update process) and then checks for a new version.
If there is a new version available you will be prompted to confirm the further upgrade process.

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